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United Stars Music Competition

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Wind, String, Keyboard, and Percussion instrument.

United Stars Music Competition
Grand Award Winner

Kanon Fujiyoshi (17) Japan

Kanon Fujiyoshi born in Nagoya, Japan, She began playing the piano when she was six. She has received numerous awards including Second Prize Winner in the Nagoya Tournament of Students Music Competition, Second Prize Winner  in the International Moscow Music Online-Competition, Gold Medalist in  the Aichi Piano Competition, and  Silver Medalist in the Chopin International Piano Competition in ASIA .

She is a student at the Music High School attached to the Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. Currently, she is studying with Chiharu Sakai and Hideto Nishikawa.

Special Award Winner 

Masaki Niikura (9) Japan

I was born with visual impairment and consequently have lived a life exceptionally aware of the details of the ordinary sounds all around me, the sound of the city and the sound of TV commercials are all vibrant to me. When I started reproducing these sound on a keyboard at three years of age, my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. At the age of three years and ten months, I began playing both piano and classical guitar. I enjoy playing freely by ear, but also enjoy classical music. I attend a school for the blind and play blind soccer. Sometimes practice is difficult, but I always have fun. All sorts of sounds inspire me, and my desire is to be continually involved in this beautiful sound-world each day.