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Q & A
Q: Is this free?
A: Yes! Entry is FREE for the Preliminary round. 
Q: Who is eligible?

A: The United Stars Music Competition welcomes all young musicians between the age of 3 and 18.
Q: Is this competition for only piano?

A: No, this is for Wind instrument, String instrument, Keyboard instrument and Percussion instrument.

Q: How do I apply?

A: 3 easy steps. 1. Record video 2. Upload video to YouTube/Youku/bilibili 3. Submit the application
Q: Do we need to travel?

A: No, this competition is conducted entirely online.  Apply with your best video.
Q: What are the age requirements?

A: There are the age ranges from age 3 to 17 for each competition.
Q: What are the repertoire requirements?

A: Please see the REPERTOIRE page. The United Stars Music Competition accepts any piece according to the monthly schedule.
Q: How do I know whether I passed the preliminary round?

A: The United Stars Music Competition will notify you via email only if you pass by the day listed on SCHEDULE.      
Q: Where is the application for the final round and is there any fee?

A: The invitation email will be sent by the United Stars Music Competition has the link to the application to move on to the final round. Moving on to the final round requires the non-refundable application fee 
of US$89.00.

Q: I play the Minuet by Bach.  How do I choose the right month?
A: The participant has several choices to apply, which are under "Minuet", "Bach", or "Showcase"
. The United Stars Music Competition accepts with the same video.
Q: I play the Sonata No.16 1st movement by Mozart with piano and sonata No.1 by         Beethoven with guitar.  Am I able to apply both pieces under the Sonata category?

A: Yes, the playing of any instrument is accepted.  You should apply individually to each instrument.
Q: We are a QUARTET.  How do we apply?

A: Each musician in the quartet shall apply separately with the same video. 
Q: How do we know the Final results?

For privacy purposes, we will refrain from publicly posting the award results on our website.  We will instead individually inform the winners of the results.  

Q: What is the Showcase?
A: The Showcase gives students the choise of any  Baroque,  Classical, Romantic, or Comtemporary composer. 
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